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Hey men welcome back again now considered one of themost typical inquiries IPTV Subscription, I get asked is what's a extremely superior mid-variety AndroidTV box so a little something absolutely far more impressive than a fire adhere but not asexpensive as a little something just like the Nvidia shield this box I'm gonna be reviewingtoday Price less than $sixty so According to usual allow me to do a quick unboxing then Iwalk you throughout the setup and put in some apks like mob drove Kodi or TroyMTV and after that we will ultimately end up having the benchmarks all right let's open up that upso its first up we have a little leaflet just showing you the way to use the Box howto make use of a remote control and how to hook up all of it up okay it does occur withthe regular HDMI direct which can be great it comes with a United kingdom power adapter this isthe handheld remote control you obtain so It truly is really normal Android Television box remotecontrol then eventually

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